20 Life Lessons from the Past 20 Years

Birthdays are the best time to pretend that you are wise. They are bitter sweet because you get to look back on all the years you have lived but also miss the times you’ve had and might never have again. The best part about birthdays, however, is looking forward to all the years ahead. I turned 20 yesterday and said goodbye to my teenage years of freedom from the real world, but said hello to my independent life. I’ve learned my fair share of life lessons along the way, so here are the top 20 life lessons from my past 20 years that I find most valuable and important, and I hope to live by them for the next 20:

then and now 🙂
  1. You are not your grades.
  2. You are not a therapist.
  3. Taking a day off is okay, sometimes even necessary.
  4. Friends that only know how to gossip are not really your friends.
  5. Not everyone is going to like you. The best thing to do is get over it.
  6. Coffee can turn a day around.
  7. If shipping isn’t free, it isn’t worth it.
  8. Authenticity is your biggest strength.
  9. It’s the little things.
  10. Less is always more.
  11. Most of the world is so focused on themselves that they will not notice what you look like.
  12. Mascara and SPF are the two most important beauty products.
  13. Leave drama in high school.
  14. Go barefoot every once in awhile.
  15. There are less obstacles on the road to what you want than you think there are.
  16. Opportunities rarely come to you. You have to make opportunities for yourself.
  17. A clean room = a clear mind.
  18. Productivity is not always a good thing.
  19. Nothing on social media is real, everyone has an agenda. Even me.
  20. NEVER check your phone at dinner. Not on a date, not on a girls night, not with your family. Never.
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