March Favorites: Clothing, Fitness, Beauty, Music

Welcome to “March Favorites,” my first monthly favorites post! Keep an eye out at the end of every month for my favorites in clothing, beauty, fitness, and music!


First up for my March favorites is an amazing pair of jeans! I never thought that my favorite piece of clothing would ever be a pair of jeans. They’re usually too tight, too stiff, and fit the waist but not the butt and vice versa. But Everlane’s Super-Straight Jean is literally the PERFECT pair of jeans. They fit the butt AND my waist, so a belt isn’t necessary. They aren’t too tight since they aren’t skinny jeans, but you don’t look like a mom from the 80s. They are pretty affordable as far as sturdy, good quality jeans go ($78), but the best part is that they are sustainable! Everlane strives to seek out the most ethical factories and evaluates them for working conditions, fair wage, and environmental standards. You can learn more about their evaluations for each of their factories here. These jeans literally do it all, and I’m not sure you could ask for more from a piece of clothing.


March favorites for fitness is at-home pilates! I never enjoyed at-home workouts because I’m the type of person that needs a sense of competition and accountability to do everything correctly and to the fullest extent, but we are now in a time where no one really has a choice. So, when it comes to staying fit in quarantine, I’ve found that pilates on YouTube are the second best thing to going to the gym. I personally despise running, so finding something that feels productive and beneficial without pounding the pavement can be tough. I don’t have a specific favorite channel or instructor yet, but pilates in general is a workout that will make you sweat and is incredibly beneficial. You will actually be sore, indicating a productive workout sesh without all the torture that comes with the feeling like you’re going to die on a run.


TikTok made me do it. But in my defense, I have used products from The Ordinary before, so I knew that their AHA + BHA peel mask would actually be as good as everyone says it is. I really can’t remember the last time I had clear skin, but this face mask makes that reality a little bit closer every time I use it. It is a chemical exfoliant that’s pretty harsh, so I definitely don’t recommend it for sensitive skin. If you have acne prone oily skin and acne scars like me, however, this is definitely a product for you. I literally see results after one use, but if you use it consistently once a week, the results keep getting better and better. Make sure you use a good SPF before you buy it, though, because it causes skin to become extra sensitive to sunlight. Otherwise, you’ll just cause more damage than what you started with.


Once again, TikTok made me do it. I’ve been in a music rut for months now as I’ve literally just been listening to Harry Styles’ album “Fine Line” on repeat since it came out in December last year. This isn’t meant to sound pretentious or ~quirky~ in any way, but I really don’t keep up with what’s popular on the radio anymore mostly because I don’t have a car at school, so the only way I find new music is through my Spotify recommendations (they haven’t done a good job recently). Until I heard “Blinding Lights,” I lost all hope that good music was still out there. I first heard it in a dance challenge on TikTok, and I’ve played it on repeat ever since. It’s such a feel-good song and reminds me of great times with my friends. Perhaps it is serving as a reminder of the ~blinding light~ at the end of the tunnel.

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