5 Self Care Tips For Your Body and Your Mind

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There’s something about watching a self care routine that can be so satisfying but also so aggravating. You can imagine yourself so relaxed and care free, but also who actually felt better from a face mask? Don’t get me wrong, I slap on a face mask all the time and call it self care, but 100% of the time it’s really just a distraction from how I’m feeling. I think there’s a misconception that care for the body will in turn care for your mind, but really how can that be true? Sometimes things run too deep for one warm bath to fix. A relaxing night with a bath bomb and some Netflix is always needed an appreciated, but when I’m really going through it, here is what actually makes me feel better:


This is honestly the most important thing in my opinion. Sometimes sunlight can be hard to come by in the spring, but when it is sunny at least open your shades and let it in. I find that actually laying out and reading helps the most. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, though. You don’t want to get burned!


I never see sleeping in a self care routine, but it is essential for keeping a healthy body and strong mind. I’m the kind of person who literally becomes ill if I don’t sleep well, so keeping a somewhat consistent sleep schedule helps me feel productive and energized throughout the day. As always, though, there are some days where I could sleep forever and still feel tired. If you need a nap, take one. Everything else can wait.


Crying is also never in self care routines, but it’s seriously sooooo cathartic. Bottling up emotions will never end well so letting it out is a good way to leave behind whatever is bothering you and allows you to move forward with a clearer mind. Get in the shower and let it out

Clean Your Room

You don’t need to go ape with this one but at least tidy up a little. A dirty room causes a crowded mind, so put dirty clothes in the laundry bin and fold the clean ones. Throw away any trash that’s piled up. Most importantly, change your sheets.

Music Heals

You have to listen to the right kind of music, though. Wallowing in your sadness while listening to Fine Line by Harry Styles will NOT make you feel better no matter how much you think it will. Make a specific playlist filled with all of your favorite happy tunes and listen to that instead. Bonus points if you’re driving with your windows down. Here’s a little playlist if you need it.

With all this being said, I know that there are some times in life when what you’re feeling is so debilitating that even getting out of bed seems like the biggest task in the world. The best way to get out of that funk is to start with doing one, simple thing and then see how you feel. Step on: get out of bed. Not bad? Step two: wash your face. Now you’re on a roll. Step three: change your clothes. Now you’re on a roll. All of these things count as self care even if they aren’t pretty. If you can’t clean your room to Marie Kondo’s standards but you can make your bed, you are doing something for yourself. At the end of the day, if it makes you feel better than you did before, that is a success and you should be proud.

Self care for the body and mind

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