5 Reasons You Should Choose Fordham University

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If you are a high school senior and you’ve been accepted to Fordham U but all of your accepted students days got cancelled and you really have no idea where to go, this is a sign to come to the Bronx. You won’t regret it and let me tell you why.

The BX Baby

Yes, the Bronx has a reputation for being a little rough, but it’s also unlike any place you’ve ever been in the best way possible. The Belmont neighborhood where Fordham is located is such a fun community of locally owned Italian restaurants and pastry shops (it’s the original Little Italy of NYC, the most ideal location if you ask me), and each one will welcome you inside like you are part of the family. When you walk up Fordham Road to the subway, the street is always crowded with vendors and vibrant store fronts and you can’t help but smile every time you hear a speaker yell “tattoos, tattoos, tattoos!” Quirks like these become little inside jokes with the entire Fordham community and are completely unique to the Fordham experience. I guarantee that being in the Bronx will give you stories upon stories to tell your high school friends.

Social Life

Fordham is a bar school, but that’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Of course, each bar has its regulars and certain crowds of people each weekend, but everyone (and I mean everyone *wink*) is welcome into any of them. If that isn’t your scene, that’s okay because there’s always a handful of house parties, especially when it’s warmer out. The good thing about no Greek life is that parties are rarely exclusive and generally open to everyone. That’s honestly one of the things I like the best about Fordham because if you want to go out, you’ll never struggle to find somewhere to go.

The City (Duh)

We’re only 20 minutes from Manhattan which is probably the biggest gem of all. Fordham at Rose Hill offers every aspect of a “traditional college experience” without really being traditional at all. By hopping on the Metro North, you roll up to Grand Central and next thing you know you’re on your way to brunch in SoHo and then off to an afternoon at the MoMa, Central Park, Rockefellar Center, Macy’s, or thrifting in the East Village. This list really goes on and on and you will literally never be bored. Even if your friends have too much homework and don’t want to go into the city on a Sunday afternoon, who cares? The best part about New York is that judgment is pretty much non-existent. No one will give you a second glance if you’re sitting in a restaurant by yourself.

The Campus

You will never see anything more beautiful, especially in the fall. All of the trees are so old and big and create such an amazing canopy of colors in October and November. I’m pretty sure every college tour guide says this about their school at some point, but the Gothic architecture really does give Fordham Harry Potter vibes.

fordham university's AMAZING campus

Academics and Your Future

The fact that Fordham is in New York means that you have every professional opportunity that you could think of in your backyard. Of course, this is true at any college in New York, but Fordham’s academics definitely give you an edge when it comes to landing interviews and internships. I’ll be the first one to say that the core curriculum is definitely a pain in the ass when you actually go through it, but having a background in multiple fields looks amazing on a resume or an application for grad school. The Career Services department is incredibly dedicated to assisting students in their internship and job search, and career fairs feature some of the world’s top employers because of our location in NYC. Landing a job after graduation will be the least of your concerns. If you want a deeper look into the opportunities you’ll have at Fordham, check out my reflection on my sophomore year!

The most cliché aspect of all is the fact that you will meet some of the best people of your entire life. Fordham students have such a broad range of interests and skills, which means that there truly is a crowd for everyone. They really do become your family. And finally, what’s funnier than going to a school whose initials are FU?

good times at fordham university
Why you should choose Fordham University
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