April Favorites: Clothing, Beauty, Fitness, and Music

It’s that time of the month again! Here are my April favorites for clothing, beauty, fitness, and music!


Instead of rolling up to dinner every night in our pajamas that we never changed out of and wore all day, sometimes my mom makes us change into “real clothes” for dinner. Of course, after wearing oversized sweatshirts and sweatpants for the past month, jeans are out of the question. First up for my April favorites is the Urban Outfitters Dina Button-Front Frock Dress. This is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own beyond my sweatpants, and when it’s time to look presentable, this dress is my go-to. I’ll definitely be wearing this everywhere this summer.


Next up for my April favorites is the Mount Lai gua sha tool. I received this as a birthday present and I now use it every single morning. If you’re like me, you wake up puffy and congested and it can take at least a few hours to settle down. This tool feels so good in the morning and helps with lymphatic drainage so that I don’t look so puffy into the afternoon. It’s recommended to use with a facial oil, but I just use my daily moisturizer and it seems to be working out.


This month’s fitness favorite is the Popsugar Fitness 45 minute, 500 calorie burner. It’s an interval cardio workout that includes cardio kick boxing and cardio sculpt exercises. I am sore the next morning every time I do this workout, and as I mentioned in last month’s favorites post, I HATE running. This video is your cardio and strength training all wrapped up into one so there’s no need to break out the running shoes. Bless up for this video is all I have to say, because it is the balance to my endless quarantine snacking.


Quarantine has brought a time of regression into my life, and I think many other people feel the same way. I went from living independently with complete freedom to living pretty similarly to my high school self: stuck in the house with my parents and needing to ask permission before I go anywhere (not that I’m really going anywhere). I guess this backtrack in my life path has influenced my music taste as a result, so for this months music favorite I’m going back to my roots – the Mamma Mia! soundtrack. Somehow this album never gets old, and “Super Trouper” is an instant mood boost. Thank you Donna and the Dynamos, you’re getting me through this.

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