My Sophomore Year Experience at Fordham University

Wow. I seriously cannot believe that I am already half way finished with college. That actually blows my mind. This summer, my dad made me so excited because he said that sophomore year takes the cake for the best year. Although I can’t determine that until I graduate, I think that’s not the case for sophomores anywhere. Regardless of your year, 2020 probably won’t be the best of the 4, but it will definitely be the most memorable. Until March 9, however, sophomore year did have the potential to be the best one yet. I grew even closer to my friends, made new ones, and now I have memories that I will never forget.

First Semester

The first semester back is always the best one because you’re reunited with friends that you haven’t seen in months. The energy is high and everyone is so excited to get back into the rhythm of school. Fall semester definitely had the most immaculate vibes. The nights were unforgettable, the city started to feel like home, and friends turned into family. Academically, I wanted to knock out most of my remaining core curriculum requirements. I took my last French class EVER (rip to my 13 years of french education), finished the philosophy requirement, and finally began my major and minor. I also made sure to commit to a club, exercise regularly, and go into the city as often as possible. You could say that I was thriving first semester sophomore year.

Second Semester

I decided to really step up my game second semester. Life grew a little too comfortable, so I applied for a leadership position in a club and found a campus job. I barely worked due to poor communication on the hiring end, but the job is waiting for me when we (hopefully) return in the fall. I also became the Marketing Manager for my club! High on my success, I kept the train rolling and started applying for internships. I don’t know what I want to do after college, so I looked for jobs around social media, marketing, communications, etc. Really anything related to a Communications degree. Eventually, I accepted a position at a PR firm. I am so grateful for this specific opportunity because I will work remotely, so I can work even through this pandemic.

There was never a dull moment second semester because I was so busy. I had a job (or tried to have one), held a leadership position, and took 18 credits. It definitely wasn’t as fun as the first semester, but I learned to be a self starter and to actively reach for what I want.

Sophomore year was an amazing year (until it wasn’t) and I am so thankful for the time that I did have on campus. I feel like I really put myself out there, and that’s what sophomore year is for. Freshman year, I definitely held myself back because I underestimated what I could handle in terms of balancing academics and fun. I feel so grateful that I had all of these opportunities to grow and learn more about myself. Although this year might have been disappointing, the two months at home shouldn’t be our only memories. I made so many new friends, found huge opportunities, and overall became a more confident person. Hopefully those two months will just be crazy blip in our memories at the end of this journey, and I can’t wait to see what the second half of my college experience has in store.

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