How to Stay Healthy In College (Mind, Body, and Soul)

Learning how to stay healthy in college can be hard as it is, but with coronavirus in the mix this year, it might be even harder. I didn’t prioritize my health freshman year, and I paid the price. Read these essential tips to avoid what happened to me and to fully enjoy your experience.

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Tips for Online Classes: How to Get a 4.0

This semester is sure to present some challenges that we’ve never seen before. I find that online classes are often harder than in-person classes. Between finding a quiet place to study and balancing asynchronous assignments, it can get stressful. Read these tips to find out how to make this semester a little easier!

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15 Most Essential Items for a College Dorm

While not everyone knows whether they will be returning to campus or not, I figured it’s always good to be prepared. Even if you aren’t planning on shopping for your dorm items until later in the summer, save this post to your favorites to reference!


My Sophomore Year Experience at Fordham University

Wow. I seriously cannot believe that I am already half way finished with college. That actually blows my mind. This summer, my dad made me so excited because he said that sophomore year takes the cake for the best year. Although I can’t determine that until I graduate, I think that’s not the case for sophomores anywhere. Regardless of your year, 2020 probably won’t be the best of the 4, but it will definitely be the most memorable. Until March 9, however, sophomore year did have the potential to be the best one yet. I grew even closer to my…

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