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10 Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Her

Is your girlfriend/sister/mom/daughter/cousin/aunt/grandma into the environment? Are YOU into the environment? Looking to go the low impact route for Christmas this year? Have no fear, I have you covered with this list of sustainable Christmas gifts for her.

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1. Reusable “Disposable” Camera

SHOW camera pink - 35mm reusable camera with flash

Disposable cameras are so in right now and produce super cute vintage-style photos. But you know what’s not cute? The part where you have to toss them out after one roll of film. Fortunately, there are companies working to solve this problem!

Dubblefilm makes film cameras that work as simple as a regular disposable camera. The only difference? You can use it over and over again. All you need is new roll of film which is super easy to replace. You pop it in and twist it up and you’re ready to go!

This camera is a great gift for the girl trying to capture every moment. If she’s posted a disposable snap on her Instagram at any point, she will definitely love this gift.

2. Cariuma Sneakers

Sneaks are in and they are staying in. But companies like Nike are quite frankly disastrous for the environment and the people who make their products. So stay away from the Air Forces this year and look into these adorable sneakers from Cariuma.

This company has amazing sustainability efforts while also crafting effortlessly stylish sneakers for every type of gal. You can’t go wrong with classic white, but they have a range of neutrals in a variety of styles so you can find the perfect pair.

3. Cocokind Skincare Set

oil to milk + rosewater bundle

Those of you who have read my skin care post or follow me on Instagram know that Cocokind is my favorite skin care company EVER. They have such a great mission dedicated to making sustainable skincare accessible to the masses, AND it’s WOC owned.

All of their products come in beautiful vibrant packaging and are formulated for a range a skin types. From customizable masks to luxurious moisturizers, this company gets it right every single time. Because they have so many amazing products, I recommend getting her a set so she can try a couple at a time.

4. Lush Gift Box

If you’re shopping for a self-care obsessed girl like me, a lush gift box will never fail to make her day. These boxes are the perfect bundles of luxurious self care items like bath bombs, face masks, moisturizers, and more. They have a huge array of boxes available so that you can find the perfect combination according to her desires.

Lush works with all natural ingredients and ethical packaging for their products, so those who are sustainably inclined are sure to appreciate the efforts of this amazing company. If you’re comfortable going to their actual store this year, I would totally recommend because it’s an all-sensory experience unlike any other.

5. Made Trade Candle

Who knew that most candles are toxic and not sustainable? I definitely didn’t know until recently, which is why I’ve been on the hunt for a good candle since then. Most candles are made with paraffin wax which is a petroleum (aka fossil fuel) byproduct, which is why you might want to find an alternative.

Fortunately, Made Trade sells soy candles with a wood wick, making for a more sustainable and slower burning candle than others on the market. Additionally, Made Trade’s products are all produced with people and the planet in mind.

6. Pela Phone Case

Honey (Bee Edition) Eco-Friendly iPhone X Case

Phone case waste definitely slips under the radar, at least for me. I haven’t really thought deeply about phone case waste until recently. When I evaluate it for myself, I’ve gone through 3 iPhone’s in my life so far with at least 2 cases each. That number is probably the same for the rest of my family, and multiplied by every person with a smart phone (almost everyone), that a tonnn of waste!

Pela is an amazing company combating phone case waste by producing COMPOSTABLE phone cases. How cool is that? They’re cute, they’re protective, and they are sustainable. What more could you want?

7. Organic Basics Set

SilverTech™ Active Pack Workout Bra

This athletics set might be my favorite item on this gift list. Organic Basics is such an amazing brand making sustainable athletic wear mainstream and effective. Whether your girl is into heavy cardio or relaxing yoga, she’ll love this workout set.

8. Chamberlain Coffee Set

If your buying gifts for a girl who’s into YouTube and she loves coffee, I can guarantee she’s dying to try Chamberlain Coffee if she hasn’t yet. Popular YouTuber Emma Chamberlain definitely popularized coffee consumption amongst GenZ, and her brand produces coffee meant for coffee fiends.

This coffee set is fair trade, made with minimal and sustainable packaging, and is all about the aesthetic all while tasting delicious. She’s also developed coffee bags that act like tea that you can steep over time for cold brew, but you can go with classic grounds as well. She has multiple blends for every preference, so you can choose which fits your girl the best or opt for a variety pack!

9. Made Trade Necklace

As far as sustainable Christmas gifts go, there are a bunch of sustainable jewelry options available. However, I find that the offerings on Made Trade are most affordable for some of the best quality.

Made Trade coming through yet again! Their jewelry is so unique and they have a ton of options, so you’re sure to find a piece that fits anyone’s style. I chose this minimalist necklace because I feel it goes with anything, so if you’re unsure of what exactly to choose, this is definitely a safe yet elegant choice.

10. Giftcard

This is classic. Perhaps the lovely lady you are shopping for you don’t know too well. Gift cards are honestly one of my favorite gifts to receive because I can pick out exactly what I want. They are also probably the most sustainable Christmas gifts on this list for that reason, because you do not run the risk of buying something they’ll never use and subsequently throw out.

To make life a little easier, here is a list of great sustainable companies with great gift items:

Girlfriend Collective

Super cute basic athleisure and workout wear. Size inclusive, sustainable and ethical production, everything you would want from a brand 🙂


Sustainable outdoor gear. Perfect if you’re shopping for someone who loves camping, hiking, or any sort of outdoor activity!

Mate the Label

Chic and quality basics, loungewear, accessories. Perfect for the woman with a taste for relaxed luxury.

The Earthing Co.

This is the spot for a girl who loves a low waste lifestyle. With great shampoo and conditioner bars and other low waste goodies like reusable produce bags, they are a one stop shop for everyone zero waste.

Goodwill / The local thrift shop

This is a great gift for any gal who loves thrifting, unique fashion, or vintage. The best part is that this gift card will stretch sooo far, even $50 will last her at least a few trips to the thrift store.

I couldn’t find a way to purchase a gift card online, so you’ll need to go in-store for this one.

And there are my top 10 sustainable Christmas gifts for her! These gifts are sure to make Christmas special regardless who you’re shopping for 🙂

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