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Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Him That He’ll Love

I don’t know why shopping for men is so difficult, but for some reason nothing feels right. Whether I’m shopping for my boyfriend, dad, or cousin, nothing quite hits the mark. I think it’s because I just opt for some ‘manly’ item just because it ‘for men’ (whatever that means) but I know deep down that he will never use it. SO – it’s time to break the cycle. Here are my best picks for sustainable Christmas gifts for him:

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1. Copper Mug + Sleeve Set

These copper cups feel like the hight of luxury without breaking the bank. They are made from 100% recycled copper and are produced right here in the USA (Texas to be exact)! The leather sleeves are removable, but recommended for use to keep your drink hot or cold! This set is perfect for the mixologist in your life.

2. A Local Spirit + Favorite Cocktail Recipes

A perfect addition to those copper cups, but still a perfect gift all on its own. Small distilleries, breweries, wineries, etc. are becoming incredibly popular all over the country and it’s so fun to try new things! I actually got this idea from someone on TikTok, but including a few cute notecards with your favorite cocktail recipes with whatever drink you give makes the gift feel so special and personal.

This specific whisky is locally made in Baltimore, so if you’re a fellow Baltimorean, this is a great pick. Buying local is great for your local economy and for the environment because local distribution helps reduce emissions. Alas, I cannot include links to every local distillery in the entire world, but a quick Google search or trip to your local liquor store will surely help you out.

3. Organic Basics Button Down

Organic Cotton Oxford Overshirt

Organic Basics is putting a little but of a spin on the classic button down shirt. From quirky little pockets to a more casual fit, this shirt is perfect for the ‘cool guy.’ If he wears a beanie, drinks craft beer, or potentially owns a skateboard, I think there’s a very good chance he’ll love this shirt.

4. A Zero Waste Starter Kit

I think this might be my favorite gift on this list. Whether you know a guy who wants to get into sustainability but doesn’t know where to start or there’s someone you know who would be interested, a zero waste starter kit is perfect. With reusable metal straws, a few reusable food bags, reusable produce bags, and beeswax food wraps, this kit has all the basics.

5. A Cast Iron Skillet

Have a chef in your life? Or maybe someone who just moved out of their parent’s house? A cast iron skillet is a kitchen essential and an item that lasts FOREVER. This skillet from Le Creuset comes in a variety of colors to match any style and will be something he’ll use for the rest of his life.

6. Patagonia Recycled Wool Sweater

This sweater is perfect for any guy. Your dad, your boyf, your uncle, you name it. It comes in a variety of colors, but I like a pattern because it adds a little jazz to the outfit. Patagonia is such a great brand with a true commitment to sustainably and ethically made clothing and also participates in environmental justice efforts. Sustainably made + comfy af + fashionable = 10/10 Christmas gift.

7. Sustainable Cologne

On The Road - Eau de Parfum

Cologne is a classic gift, so why not make is sustainable? Timothy Han makes sure to source all of his ingredients naturally (as long as that’s the most sustainable choice) and each fragrance’s grape alcohol base is organic certified. I chose his scent “on the road” because it seems like something I would like, but he has a range of frangrances to choose from.

If nothing from Timothy Han seems to be suiting your style, check out this GQ article with a great list of other sustainable colognes!

8. Nice Sheets

Product Detail

I don’t want to generalize too much, but I’m pretty confident that you know I guy who could up his game in the bedding department. Whether it’s a recent college grad still sleeping on his dorm sheets or your partner and you want to sneakily treat yourself too, a eucalyptus sheet set from Buffy is the perfect casual yet thoughtful gift.

Buffy is such a great brand using materials like eucalyptus and hemp which take less water to produce, and they offset all of their transportation carbon emissions. They also have a handful of material certifications, so they are definitely a great brand to support!

9. An Online Course

An online course might be the most sustainable gift on this list because it is truly zero waste. Online courses (and other ‘experience’ gifts) are so special and thoughtful because they show that you care about their interests and hobbies.

Skillshare is a great database to find online courses for the artsy type. From illustration tutorials, photography lessons, or web design courses, Skillshare will have you covered. Plus, if there’s something you’re both passionate about, an online course is the perfect way to treat yourself at the same time!

10. A Box of Vegan Meat

Trying to coax someone into a more plant-based lifestyle but they insist they can’t give up meat? These extremely realistic pant-based “meats” are the PERFECT way to introduce a plant-based diet. They last up to a year in the freezer and 4 weeks in the fridge. This pack comes with vegan burgers, sausage, ribs, pepperoni, and more!

And that’s that for 10 sustainable Christmas gifts for him! I lowkey would love these gifts for myself and maybe you would too, so these are by no means reserved “just for men.” Same goes for my Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Her. Gift giving is all about finding something the person will love 🙂

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